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Alvaro de la Herran




A editorial fashion film with GQ Spain


Alvaro de la Herran is a digital and film director working mainly around advertising, fiction and "fashion films". Alvaro holds a degree in Information Sciences and Advertising from the University Complutense of Madrid and was a student of the Madrid Film School (ECAM) as director of photography. He has a strong background in science, photography, advertising, film and music, which over the years have shaped his unique and atypical profile. His experience in advertising, his passion for filmmaking and philosophy, and an innovative spirit yet classic at the same time, led him to the middle of 2005 to explore new media formats and distribution channels. Álvaro has the aim of developing new projects audiovisual content that fitted better with the evolution brand communication would experience in the future, now present, without ever losing interest in communication, aesthetics and narrative.

Shirley Baugher @zacuto.com, has written, "Alvaro puts together the visuals with narration and music creating an elegant and mesmerizing effect, developing a personal aesthetic with a bold balance between the emotional and symbolic."

His work has been featured in numerous festivals around the world and in organizations such as Los Angeles Cinematheque and the Balenciaga Museum. Alvaro has been one of the most important directors in the new wave of "fashion films", has worked in recent years as a means GQ, ELLE, Vogue Italia, and has been invited by Diane Pernet your ASVOFF festival twice.

He recently worked with the prestigious advertising agencies * S, C, P, F ... (Spain) and Air Paris (France), and with brands like Volvo, Nike and Bompard.

"Alvaro de la Herran"